Our Story

Choosing where your next adventure will be can be a little daunting. If like us you like to go to the far corners of the world to experience totally different experiences it can be a lot of planning. And the first pressure we always feel is that these holidays aren't cheap and you wait a long time for them to arrive so it NEEDS to be amazing. What we found was with so many websites and blogs which mainly covered the medium to cheaper end of the market it was tricky to find reviews of luxury adventure holidays that we could trust. You don't always get what you pay for and its really easy to waste a lot of money on a pretty average service. So why not create what we wanted ourselves. We are well travelled and have travelled on a shoe string student budget and on a high budget as we got older. We hope you find our articles useful!

Our Approach

To provide reliable reviews of some of the best luxury adventure holidays we have been on. The articles won't be too long and hopefully just give you the key information you need. Most importantly we are only blogging about places we know will not disappoint and you can get really excited about. Whether the articles can help you pick your next holiday destination, help you narrow down where to go in your chosen destination or help you decide on whether to book a place we hope they are useful. We are by no means professional bloggers or writers as I am sure you can tell. But we enjoy documenting our favourite places and having all the information there for ourselves and people to use in the future. We aim to cover a new destination each month depending on how busy our day jobs are. Hope you enjoy.

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